Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24, 2015 House Update

  Picking light fixtures, countertops, paint colors, and other craziness is making me feel like a mad-woman. I've decided the best thing for me to do is not to think about it for too long. Because then I over-analyze and change my mind a million times. I hope my theory works out in the end. Especially with paint colors. EEK!
  Check out the dry wall going up (actually it's plaster board. Plaster going on next week.)

Bonus Room

Kellen's Room... he picked it a few months ago.

Kellen's bathroom

Front bedroom

Kitchen to the left, dining area to the front-right

Looking into living room from dining area

Master... my closet door shrunk ;)

Master bathroom sink area

Master bedroom

Dining area and hallway to the right
   We have siding!! Only took 2.5 months to decide on a color.
SIDING finally! Spanish Olive... overcast day doesn't show its color very well.

Credit Card + Self Control = Gift Cards

  When we decided to go this "move home, build a house" gig, we began brainstorming the best ways to save money-- a little hobby of mine at the time since we only had one income for our family. Every single financial advisor/guru says not to use credit cards; only use cash, do the envelope system, whatever you need to do except use a credit card. Maybe this is wise advice for those with little self-control when it comes to money or those who indulge a little too heavily in retail therapy. I beg to differ with these "experts", though. We use our credit card more than anything else. Note: I said card; not cards.
  Our credit card company offers cash back each month for purchases you make using your credit card. Since my family has a pretty strict budget, here's what we do and it's simple:
  Use our credit card to make purchases we already have the money for. 
  Gas and groceries are items that have to be purchased each month. These are items we budget for so the money is there. When we purchase these items, we put it on our credit card because I know it will get paid off. In exchange for using their card, our company pays us back. Each quarter it's something different for the 5% cash back. For instance, this quarter it's groceries! All other purchases receive 1% cash back always.
  Our company allows us to exchange our points earned for either gift cards or actual money. The husb and I have two cards with two different accounts so each month we get two gift cards. Since we are building a house we have been requesting Lowe's gift cards. 
  This week we had to start selecting our lighting fixtures. Sure, we have an allowance with our contractor for him to pay us back but the less money we spend on fixtures, the more we'll get back from our payout. 
  Another money-saving tip: don't EVER shop online without Googling a coupon code. EVER! 

  Here's one example that I got pretty excited about last night:
  - We need 12 LED recessed lighting kits. Each kit costs $24.98 normally. I found them on sale online for $17.88 each. BUT if I bought them in packs of two, it made them $17.49 each. I'll take a $0.39 x 12 kits savings. Then I Googled a Lowe's coupon code. There was a 10% off your order or $20 off $100. I saved more with the latter coupon. But then I got even smarter, I split the order to make two. I was still able to get free shipping with both order since they were over $49. Plus, I got to use TWO $20 off $100 coupons. That knocked each order down to $90 and some change. After using $75 worth of my credit card's Lowe's gift cards, I paid $16 per order!! $32 for what should have cost me $300 in kits. 

  Saving money like a boss. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Month of December progress

Sometimes pictures say it best...

Bonus Room Above Garage... JK!! Living room

Windows and doors in

Beautiful to me

Kellen's bathroom

Back sliding door (loving the blinds in between the glass)

Living room

I LOVE my front door!

To the screen-in porch

Master bath on left and closet on right

Unexpected raised platform in bonus room will become a cushioned lounge area!

Back sliding door with blinds down and opened. So neat.

Trying to be patient about getting in this beauty. Working on cleaning on closets, selling off stuff and donating others. Less mess to pack in a few months!!
Say a prayer for me as I continue to pick out colors, fixtures, lighting, etc. So fun but definitely a little stressful!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Sticks in the Air"

  I love being stopped and told how great the house looks and how much progress is being made. I think I heard the best comment today, though. "I see you got some sticks in the air now". Right he is. Enjoy a few pics from the progress made this week. 

Before Thanksgiving
From living room looking into kitchen/dining area

Night visit

Thanksgiving Day
In the light

Looking like a house

Living room


Bonus room

Garage AKA Brad's shop until we can afford to build him one

  I love it when a plan comes together. :)

Shout out to Amanda Rose for stopping by with her sister Tracey while we were there. Glad we could give y'all the tour. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't even know what week it is anymore...

  Minor 3 week set back on the home building process. It's a good thing our framers were busy, busy bees but is it selfish to be pissed that they weren't busy with our house? Probably.
  They were able to get started on Friday and Saturday to make up for the Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday they will be off. Fair enough. The progress they made in two days is pretty phenomenal. Perhaps I'm just naive when it comes to the home building process and time frames but I'm pretty impressed. Our contractor says we will still be framed and roofed in by Christmas, even with the set back. We still have a sinking feeling that we won't be in for Valentine's Day like our first home we built 6 years ago but no matter, I reckon. 
  Here's the latest picture from "our spot": the driveway we won't be using. Trying to keep up the progress through pictures from the same spot each time. 

Floor box and some garage walls
  Now, if we could just get the next door landowners to sign permission to put a light pole on their property, we could get temporary power to our lot... *sigh* 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weeks 2 and 3

  I'm being extremely lazy tonight and don't feel much like typing but Brad and I are so proud of the progress so far. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. We look forward to many more wonderful days working with Etheridge Custom Homes.

  For your viewing pleasure:
A selfie with the freshly dug footings

God's Country in the background, y'all.


Foundation coming together.

  Some of these pictures were taken by us and others were taking by Willie, our contractor. Check him our on Facebook-- Etheridge Custom Homes.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 1, homies!

  I didn't feel it was completely necessary to update over the last two months because all we have done in that time frame is get our money approved and appraisal completed. It took longer than we had anticipated but what hasn't so far??
  We feared that appraisal so bad. It was our make or break. It was going to tell us whether we could build this bad boy or wait it out a few more years. We really didn't want to be forced to do the latter since we had already shucked out $2,500 to cover the cost of drafting the floor plans and our various permits needed to get started building. Our contractor, who Brad and I affectionately refer to ask "Big Willie Styles" (A- I do not know why. B- this is a public blog so when he sees it, he will either laugh or be pissed.) had said "if all else fails, you'll just be out a couple thousand dollars." Just? Just?! Every penny we have may as well be gold. One income surely will teach you the value of a hard-earned dollar. Basically, we were NOT going to let the appraisal hold us back. But if it did come in under, we still weren't sure exactly how we were going to get the extra money we would need. Are you still with me?
  Praise be, the appraisal came in after only 3 weeks and was $15,000 more than we needed! That good ol' Curle farm land is worth some dolla dolla bills, y'all! Next up was making sure every t was crossed and i was dotted in order for BB&T to loan us the monies we would need. Lots of emails back and forth with our loan officer but it was worth it and semi-painless. Then I got a J-O-B! The timing hasn't been ours but it has actually been perfect. Big Man Upstairs knows a thing or two about what He's doing. 
  Fast forward to this past Monday, Brad and I pull into the parking lot at the lawyer's office, get out of our vehicles, grab hands and saunter across the parking lot in what felt like slow motion, A-Team style. It felt pretty bad ass. Like a building should have blow up behind or something 
  ...Twenty minutes later, we leave the office with hand cramps from signing our life away six dozen times and a bit exhausted, wondering what the hell have we just gotten ourselves into...
  Perhaps B.W.S. was more excited than us? He responded to Brad's text by informing us he would apply for our building permit the following day. He has since received it and informed us that he will break ground on Wednesday-week.
  Today B.W.S. began grading the area around the house. It looks so pretty. We can't WAIT to get started on our forever home. It's been a longgggg time coming and we are pretty stoked.