Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinterest makes me feel great! And like a failure.

  Who doesn't love Pinterest? I think it could quite possibly be one of the best websites around right now. It might even be the next Facebook… it just won't go away. So many ideas all in one place. Sure, you could just Google anything you want but in the words of the glorious Sweet Brown, "ain't nobody got time fa dat!" Also, who sits around and THINKS of the these amazing ideas? Probably stay-at-home-ers like me. Except, I don't have a creative bone in my body. I can't sing even though I will most certainly belt out any tune at any given time, splitting Brad's ears. I can't draw. Even my handwriting is atrocious. I've tried my hand at photography and I'm not terrible at it but I've never been a patient person and frankly, I don't have the care to figure out what the hell apperature is.
  Anyways, in the little over a year that I have been a "pinner", I've tried recreating some of the ideas I've seen on Pinterest. Some turned out wonderfully, but mostly they've been a major bust. For example, my oldest niece loves to wear headbands although not much of her hair is actually being held back behind the band. Nevertheless, she is precious. I figured since I'm not working now (nevermind my little job at the daycare) and we are on a strict budget (stay tuned for more on THAT situation), I'd make a few gifts this year for Christmas. I saw this adorable headband holder made from an oatmeal cylinder, scrapbook paper, and a Dollar Tree candle holder. Score! I had all of those things. Well, I went a step further and used a little paint, purchased some acrylic spray paint to seal my beautiful work, and of course, Pinterested a homemade recipe for mod podge. The final product looked gorgeous. I was so excited to give it her. I wrapped it in a Christmas-y little bag and dropped off all my gifts a few days before at my sister's house since she so generously hosted this year. On Christmas day after lunch and after she waited so patiently for Kellen to open his presents (correction: for me to open them for him while he sat on his daddy's lap and attempted to eat the paper) and her little sister Keira to open hers (being the oldest grandkid is becoming a real pain in the ass, eh, Carleigh?), it was her time to bust into her mountain of surprises. Go figure, the headband holder would be the very last gift she opened. And what to her wondering eyes should appear? A broken damn headband holder. The oatmeal cylinder came off the candlestick. And I used CRAFTER'S Super Glue! Not only did Carleigh not know what it was, it was broken, I was embarrassed, she didn't care about either of those, and lastly, the cylinder was way too small. Apparently I should have used the large oatmeal cylinder. Excuse me, I didn't realize there was an additional size. I told her I would fix it but I'm beginning to think I should just trash the damn thing.
  If you enjoy my misery, be on the look out for more posts about my Pinterest projects. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I'll be posting things I've tried, things that work, things that don't work. I mean, really. How can you trust a pin with a picture that was PROFESSIONALLY taken and you expect to be able to reproduce that project with ease? Please. Let's all keep dreaming. And if you do happen to be successful with that project, then congratu-freaking-lations. You suck. Read: I'm jealous.

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