Monday, February 4, 2013

My favorite homemade gift

DIY Coasters

  Living on one budget makes life a little tight, especially around the holidays. I love to shop for people, wrapping their gifts, and watching them open them. I'd rather enjoy this than opening my own gifts… even though I AM appreciative of their gifts to me. This past Christmas season was a little depressing knowing I wouldn't be able to spend much money on gifts. So I had to improvise and seek out the help of Pinterest. Duh.
  I kept seeing my friends post the DIY coasters. Use scrapbook paper, your own pictures, wax paper, print sayings, etc. I couldn't figure out which one would be the best and actually work as a decent coaster. Let's be honest, drinks condensate and that's precisely the reason for your glass needing one. So I didn't want to make these simple "just use scrapbook paper and mod podge and presto! You're done!" They didn't seem legit to me.
  So I began experimenting and eventually came up with a great gift. I've even checked my sister's coasters since giving them to her because her husband is notorious for leaving a  glass on its coaster overnight! So far, so good! I'm actually impressed.

-Small white (or any color, really) tiles from Lowe's $0.30 or less per tile
-Mod podge (mix 1 part Elmer's glue and 1 part water in a glass, I usually mix more glue, though)
-Clear acrylic spray paint (in the spray paint section; not craft section-- it's more expensive there!)
-Scrap book paper (you'll have to experiment on your own with photos or other paper)
-Felt or foam that you can cut into 1 inch by 1 inch squares
-Glue gun
-Elmer's Glue
-Foam paint brush

What to do:
-Clean off the tiles with a wet cloth or paper towel.
-Pick your scrap book paper.
-Measure the sides of the tile.
-Measure and cut the scrap book paper (I snipped just a little less than the tile measurement so I had a white border around the tile.)
-Straight Elmer's glue the back of the scrap book paper.
-Fit paper onto tile.
-Mod podge the paper down with foam paint brush (once, let dry, then again, let dry).
-Take outside and spray acrylic paint, making sure to get the edges of the paper good to avoid them popping up.
-Let dry then repeat.
-Once dry, hot glue gun four felt/foam pieces to each corner of the tile (this adds some cushion and protection when using the coasters. The plain side of the coaster may scratch a wood surface.)
- Wait a day or two more before you stack them like I did in the picture to gift. My first set stuck to one another and torn a bit of the scrap book paper off in a few places. :/

Good luck with yours! My receivers really seemed to like their coasters. Plus, homemade gifts are from the heart! :)

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