Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fluffy Sock Mop

   Welp, it appears as if the Fluffy Sock works just as well as a mop as it does a sweeper! With our newly installed laminate wood floors, we can't traditionally mop which is my favorite so I either have to steam it (asking a Shark for Christmas) or Swiffer it. Since I just ran out of Swiffer mop pads last week, I decide to put the socks to the test.
   It works! Super excited. 

   Here's what you do:
  • Fill a sink, bucket, bowl with hot water and add your desired amount of household cleaner… OR vinegar! With vinegar, it's usually 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar. Now I'm quite the germaphobe so I either use half vinegar/half water or a household cleaner like Pine Sol. I need to buy some essential oils to add to my vinegar mixture to make it smell good. Soon, perhaps.
  • Soak your socks (use two for multiple rooms or large rooms)
  • Wring out one sock at a time
  • Slide one sock onto Swiffer
  • Have at it
  • Replace sock when you notice it's becoming dry or if you move to another room (I don't like to mop the bathroom with the same mop water as the kitchen and DEFINITELY vice versa {yes, I understand with a traditional mop it won't matter because the bathroom germs are still on the mop I'm going to mop the kitchen with but clean mop water just makes me feel better. There!})
  • Rinse socks out then wash socks in the washing machine.

Here's to clean floors at a cheap price!

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