Thursday, July 18, 2013

Swiffer, the floor equivalent of a baby wipe.

   Let me gwon 'head and preface this post by saying: YES, I USE DISPOSABLE BABY WIPES! Shame, shame, shame on me. Real talk: I'm definitely NOT going to make anything reusable but perhaps I should consider a paper towel version? We shall see.

  Essentially it is what it is, Swiffer is an amazing product that is recognized around the world, makes half a billion dollars every year, and has only been around since 1999. Now with the accolades outta the way, in my opinion, Swiffer products are a huge waste of money and terrible for the environment. Have I purchased these products before? Yes. Did I love them? Double Yes. Will I purchase them again? Most likely not… unless I get some awesome sort of product placement/trial deal for writing about them and they send me tons and tons of free Swiffer product for life!… Let's be honest. It ain't gonna happen. Plus, though it'd be great, it really is bad for the environment.

  Disclaimer: yes, I'm all for bettering the environment and yes I might be a hypocrite of sorts because I haven't gone the route of homemade baby wipes (yet!) or cloth diapers. I'd love to and maybe some day I will. In fact, I was just talking to a gal pal of mine yesterday about cloth diapers since she has her own business making them (shout out: Hines Cushy Tushies can be found on the Book of Face). She's wonderful! And she doesn't stop at cloth diapers. Check, check, check her out.

  When we moved into Brad's grandmother's house we inherited two Swiffer products along with the wet and dry cloths. I've been using them because why not? Now that I'm down to one cloth, I really don't want to waste money by purchasing more cloths. So I did some research and found some pretty sweet homemade/DIY blogs. 
  Here's one I found for the sweeping mop from One Good Thing By Jillee's blog:
    -Use "fluffy"socks!
I had this pair in my yard sale box because I just have too many of these socks. While I absolutely love them in the winter, I really don't think I need 6 pairs. 
*You can find these socks super cheap at Dollar Tree.
Swiffer mop/sweeper and a pair of fluffy socks
  Simply slip one sock on and have at it.

  Good LORD, I need to clean my floors. :) This was just a quick sweep of the open areas of the small den. I didn't even move furniture. Does a pretty decent job!

My floors need a little love.
After you're done sweeping, slip off the sock and throw it in the wash. 
     Now you have an unlimited "box" of reusable Swiffer sweepers. Hope this helps you save a few dollars too. Let me know how it worked out for you!
    I'll be posting again once I try this as a "wet mop". Here's hoping it works just as great. That's what I use Swiffer for most-- mopping!


  1. i read this :) and I LOVE one good thing by Jillee.. she is awesome.. i will be using some fluffy socks the next time i clean ;) thanks for sharing !!!!!!!

  2. You're welcome! Just tried the socks by mopping. See my next post!