Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Acquiring Land

Clearly you need to start somewhere and that somewhere should be with buying some land. I never thought I'd move home to Hertford County but after having a baby and plenty of nieces and nephews, our views changed and "Family" became a huge part of our lives. Moving home became our obsession. When the baby was just one month old, we began exploring our "move home" options. First, we needed a reason other than family… like say, a job. After lots of research, several job applications, a few let-downs, the Good Lord answered our prayers and a job opportunity Brad had previously been rejected from became available again. He got it! We had one month to move home before he started working with DOT. For two months and our stuff in 5 different houses, we lived upstairs at my parents' house. Finally we moved into some new digs at Brad's grandmother's house. We have truly been blessed by God to have such amazing family. 

Without them we wouldn't have any land on which to build. If we were to move home permanently I knew I wanted to raise my family in the country, on the same farm I was raised on. Knowing that Como, NC is a farm town, not much land is up for grabs and what is is entirely too expensive. In talks with my family that owns the family farm land, The Curle Farm, we were granted our prayer for one little acre of country living. 

Before the talks and agreement, we had the land perc-tested to make sure we would be able to get water there. If this test failed, then there'd be no reason to move further. Stroked that check to the county and set up a meeting with the landowners. 

Agreement made and price tag set, we had the land surveyed and our map drawn up. The survey was taken to the Planning and Zoning department of the county for their stamp of approval then I walked right next door to Land Records for their approval and finally, made a quick visit with my aunt, the Tax Collector. Dun, dun, dunnnnn! We'll be stroking her plenty of checks in the future. If not, she knows where we live. :) After a quick "hello" the baby and I walked across the street to the Register of Deeds office to record the survey. A mere $21 and 5 minutes later, it was done.

Next on the list of to-dos was to take a copy of the survey as well as all the landowners' info to the lawyer. This is where we stand now. He should be drawing up our deed and bill of sale, contacting all the landowners for their approval and signatures, and figuring out the tax deferment on our little acre of land since it is in the Land Use Program. Long story on that but it's worth knowing whether or not your land is in it. This amount can be negotiated in your bill of sale. 

Technically it's not "our" land just yet but that doesn't mean I don't get little butterflies every time I ride by and see those stakes in the ground. 

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