Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Beginning the House Building Process

  I'm not at all sure if anyone will actually read this or even get anything from it but I feel like maybe blogging about our experience with home-building will help us through it. From what I've heard some people wouldn't wish this experience on their worst enemy. Oh, that's awesome… 
  We've done this once before; however, it was a custom, pick-your-plan thing. We chose the floor plan we liked, the colors we wanted, changed the layout so we had a side-entry garage and that's about it. It was quite simple. The only other thing we did was ask if we could come in on a weekend and insulate the interior walls and the garage for additional sound proofing and, for a more obvious reason, the electricity bill. 
  This go-round we want to be more involved. Not as in "I'll be the general contractor, you do the work" kind of involved but know what's going on and add our own bit of sweat equity along the away.
  With me not working (for reasons that went from "daycare is expensive" to "we are building a house, you'll be in charge"), we are on a tight budget. I'll be taking on most of the responsibilities and phone calls. I'll be able to travel to see the progress and keep tabs on the sit-chee-a-shun. <--- did you figure out what I was actually saying? Good luck.
  So with this blog I will write about each experience we have while trying to keep my cool and not bash anyone's work. I will do my best not to name drop. If you have any questions for me along the way, feel free to email me at anytime: mcc0507@hotmail.com

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