Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Deed, Lawyers, and Payments, OH MY!

  The deed has been recorded. Playing with lawyers who know your family (because one landowner is your county's tax collector?!) and just consider this a whole "family deal" kinda makes for an easy, but I-don't-feel-taken-seriously affect. The deed was supposedly recorded two Fridays ago but I still can't pull it up on the online Register of Deeds. Maybe another Friday or two and I'll be able to see it. Our survey platt is there, though. That's a good sign, I guess? I loved how our lawyers were pretty much available to take my phone calls all the time but I didn't love how their receptionist/paralegal/legal assistants had no idea how to answer any of my questions. Like none of them. But instead of trying to help me find the correct answer, would just blow me off. Lots of deep breaths and persistence later, I found my answers. SHEWW!
  The Land Use Program had some deferred taxes on our acre that we agreed with the landowners that Brad & I would pay. I thought it was going to be expensive as it is 3 years back plus the current year; not to mention, they calculate the tax value based upon the quality of the soil on that acre. Seeing as it's FARM LAND, the soil quality is pretty great. A mere $30 and a trip to Winton later, the taxes are paid. 
  A little trip-a-roo to the bank got me 3 certified checks made payable to each landowner. Two of the three have been hand delivered. Waiting to deliver the last check once auntie gets back from Cali. Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn! The land is ours! Whoop whoop! What a great feeling. 

On the agenda now
-bank pre-approval (to see if we can even afford the house plans we like before we buy them)
-obtaining 911 address
-getting bids from local contractors (so if you know any willing to travel to the BIG CITY of Como, NC, holla at cha girl!)

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