Friday, January 31, 2014

Pre-approval and Driveway Shenanigans

  Hoping to get the pre-approval paper work flowing next week with one bank. Might try two just to see what's up. With me not working and us on only one steady income, I don't have such good feelings about dem dolla signs the bank will allow us to have. We shall see. 
  I have family who works "high up" at this bank but doesn't deal directly with family (smart move, bro) so we've been directed to another loan officer. Said family member did let me in on what we need for a preapproval. And holyyyyy smokes, it's a lot of mess. 

We need but are not limited to:
- driver's license
- SSN card
- 3 years worth of income tax info
- retirement/401k info
- current bank account info (ALL accounts)
- life insurance info
- out-of-pocket health insurance info
- 529 monthly contribution info
- 3 of the most current pay stubs

Good LAWD! It's taken me a few weeks to gather all that information. Whenever I think about searching for it, I get tired and decide to do it another day. TODAY, however, I've been pretty productive in this mass-info hunt. Perhaps we'll venture into the bank next week.

  The driveway sitch is a little more difficult than we had anticipated. We are planning to use the "farm path" beside our actual lot as our house plans have a side entry garage. For legal/political/annoying purposes, we need a driveway ON OUR property for when we go to borrow money from the bank. The bank will need to see easement onto our property. If we stuck to the OG plan of using the farm path to obtain our 911 address, then we'd eventually have to redo our survey to gain ownership of the easement AKA the portion of the farm path that we would drive up to get to our house. My parents had this same problem when they purchased their house way up in the middle of the field. Their property looks like an oar on the satellite image because they had to buy the path/easement to their property. Summary: stupid, stupid, stupid.
  Basically what we'll be doing is spending unnecessary money to create a driveway beside the farm path and just use the farm path like we want as we have landowner permission to do so. Now that we know what we need to do, we can't find the 20 foot pipe we need! No where local has it. We'll have to go out of town and pick it up ourselves. On a brighter note, I think we've found free dirt! Who's heard of such a thing?! Since when isn't dirt free?? When you don't have anywhere to dig it from, I guess. I'm hoping it'll be free or at least very cheap and then we'll just pay off some of that man-labor (family is the best!). 
  Once the driveway is complete, we'll go to Land Records in Winton, show them where the driveway is on our survey, and they'll give us the proper paper work to take to the Post Office so we can get a proper 911 address. 
Our snow-covered lot (peep the 'rental's house in the background)

  Oh and we got our deed in the mail yesterday so we official own this one acre! Hallejuerrrrr!
Cheesin' extra hard 'cause we own dis biatch now! (Farm path is on the right)

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  1. Sounds like quite the process, Katie- but SO exciting!!! :)