Monday, March 3, 2014

And then there was a driveway.

  It's good having connections. It's not an abuse of privileges per say but rather a knowledge of how to use those connections. With Brad being an assistant engineer with DOT for the county we are building in, it kinda makes getting your driveway put in done quickly.
  We had to purchase our 20 foot pipe from CRMP for about $180 then DOT came and put it in for free-- dirt and all. They would have provided rock too but seeing as it won't be the actual driveway we'll use (using the farm path beside our property as our garage will be side entry. Hard to explain but it makes sense to us...). Brad decided on no rock and to plant grass but DOT used a more silty dirt and we aren't sure how well grass will grow there. :( Maybe we need to ask DOT to come BACK and put down some rock so the dirt won't wash away. I guess it'll always be a "No" if we don't ask.

Here are the pics:
See farm path to the right.

 Not much but you gotta start somewhere. 

 Next up: pointing out where our driveway is on the survey at Land Records then getting the proper information/documents to take to the post office to obtain our 911 address.

Still working on: financing. Been pre-qualified with one institution but need to talk to another. Getting floor plans ($500 extra to make a few changes per the designer. Need to consult contractor before paying this.) Need to get a contractor. 

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