Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lifestyles of the Broke and Not-Crafty

  I guess you could say I get a little jealous when I see all these awesome DIY projects gone RIGHT. I can't seem to get that to happen to me. I've even given up on Pinterest these days. So many cute ideas... but I lack a creative gene or something. It's super rare when I try to recreate the Pin that it actually comes out half decent.
  Below you will find a few of my DIY projects lately. They didn't turn out terrible, I don't think. My motto is "when in doubt, buy some black spray paint."

Gold Mirror Gone Black

Mirror prepped for spraying
End result- I cropped out the table on purpose.

 I like the mirror painted black now but it is over a dark brown console table in my foyer and it just doesn't look great together. Whoops. The mirror is heavy and requires a screw in the wall to hang. Since we do not own our current house, I will wait until later to move it elsewhere. The console is a family heirloom in great condition so I dare not refinish it to match the mirror. 

Inherited End Tables Get ANOTHER Face Lift

 Back in 2008 I was obsessed with HGTV (nothing much has changed in 6 years). Inherited two end tables from a family member. They used to be straight outta the 70s and in dire need of an upgrade. Mind you this was before the days of Pinterest. What can I say? I'm an original DIY-er. I saw Sabrina DeSoto use painter's tape to create this... Yeahhhh, it's not cute. And I've lived with it for SIX YEARS! Six.

Much better
 So the two end tables look a bit better but I would still love to change the hardware. Took one to Lowe's with me to buy new handles and NOTHING would match up with the existing screw holes. So I'm stuck with these "gold" beauties for a while longer.

I Have A Night Stand. Hallelujah!
 When we sold the Greenville house, homegirl wanted our ENTIRE bedroom suit. Yes, the very first purchase I made with my teaching paycheck! Even had to put that joker on Layaway for a hot second until I got my second and third paychecks. It broke my heart to have to get rid of it even though we do want a King suit next. I thought I'd pass it on to my son. So much for that idea. I sure hope she loves it as much as I did.
 Since we've moved back home, we are sleeping on our original mattress and box spring on a metal frame, upgraded from 7 cardboard boxes to a $60 yard sale dresser, and our "night stand" is more commonly known as The Floor. Naturally, when I saw this one on a yard sale site, I snatched it up. It's Mission Style like my old bedroom suit so it reminded me of it. *tear* 
 This project cost $20 for the night stand, $8 in spray paint, and $4 for new hardware. Not too bad. Legit night stands can get pricey, brand new. 

Forgot a before pic. This is post-sanding.

Ta-da! Terrible quality pic.

 Now my books, cell phone charger, and the ingredients for a diaper changing station all have a place to sleep at night. Our "gorgeous Master Suite" is a bit more appealing now.
 Y'all just go ahead and be looking for me on HGTV. My new show will be called "From Crap to Class". 

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