Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You can make a PLAN if you want to but God's gonna do as He pleases with you

  HAHA! LOL! Teehehe! Bahahaha! LMBO! That's God laughing at our "plan"...
 Our plan was to break ground Spring 2014. Umm, Summer 2014 is in about 30 days. So much for that plan.
 God knows what we want and though we are being impatient, He has perfect timing. We will get our Forever Home when we are meant to have it. 
 Got back the numbers from a contractor we really liked... and it wasn't pretty. Way out of our price range. So we've been talking to yet another contractor. He seems very real and is super detailed in his hard estimate. We are waiting for his final number. Fingers crossed he is within our budget.
 Mind you our budget has increased twice since we decided to buy land and build a house. We are so far away from what we had planned to spend on a 1600-1700 sq ft house it's not even funny. We honestly can't afford to increase it again. Like I told Brad about our beautiful, cleared one acre of land surrounded by growing corn, "I'm about ready to throw a single wide on it and call it a day."
 With this last contractor, I have literally gone as cheap as I can get on finishes without sacrificing my hardwood floors. I got back my covered back porch, though. At least for now. I think we might be back to a spec home already. :) I bet it still costs more than we want to spend...
 I've decided if our next quote comes in out of the newest price range, then I AM going back to work as soon as I can find a decent job. Otherwise, we truly won't be able to afford to build. The 20% down and closing costs is already going to deplete our nest egg as it is. That alone is depressing enough. 
 I just have to keep reminding myself that God has a plan for us and in His timing, we will get this house. It WILL happen. I just need patience and to trust Him.

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  1. Have you guys thought about looking into modular homes? That's the direction we are thinking about going... they are stick-built like a typical home with a foundation but are just built in a warehouse in pieces and assembled on-site. Just a thought!! I can give you some information if you'd like!!