Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 1, homies!

  I didn't feel it was completely necessary to update over the last two months because all we have done in that time frame is get our money approved and appraisal completed. It took longer than we had anticipated but what hasn't so far??
  We feared that appraisal so bad. It was our make or break. It was going to tell us whether we could build this bad boy or wait it out a few more years. We really didn't want to be forced to do the latter since we had already shucked out $2,500 to cover the cost of drafting the floor plans and our various permits needed to get started building. Our contractor, who Brad and I affectionately refer to ask "Big Willie Styles" (A- I do not know why. B- this is a public blog so when he sees it, he will either laugh or be pissed.) had said "if all else fails, you'll just be out a couple thousand dollars." Just? Just?! Every penny we have may as well be gold. One income surely will teach you the value of a hard-earned dollar. Basically, we were NOT going to let the appraisal hold us back. But if it did come in under, we still weren't sure exactly how we were going to get the extra money we would need. Are you still with me?
  Praise be, the appraisal came in after only 3 weeks and was $15,000 more than we needed! That good ol' Curle farm land is worth some dolla dolla bills, y'all! Next up was making sure every t was crossed and i was dotted in order for BB&T to loan us the monies we would need. Lots of emails back and forth with our loan officer but it was worth it and semi-painless. Then I got a J-O-B! The timing hasn't been ours but it has actually been perfect. Big Man Upstairs knows a thing or two about what He's doing. 
  Fast forward to this past Monday, Brad and I pull into the parking lot at the lawyer's office, get out of our vehicles, grab hands and saunter across the parking lot in what felt like slow motion, A-Team style. It felt pretty bad ass. Like a building should have blow up behind or something 
  ...Twenty minutes later, we leave the office with hand cramps from signing our life away six dozen times and a bit exhausted, wondering what the hell have we just gotten ourselves into...
  Perhaps B.W.S. was more excited than us? He responded to Brad's text by informing us he would apply for our building permit the following day. He has since received it and informed us that he will break ground on Wednesday-week.
  Today B.W.S. began grading the area around the house. It looks so pretty. We can't WAIT to get started on our forever home. It's been a longgggg time coming and we are pretty stoked. 

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