Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't even know what week it is anymore...

  Minor 3 week set back on the home building process. It's a good thing our framers were busy, busy bees but is it selfish to be pissed that they weren't busy with our house? Probably.
  They were able to get started on Friday and Saturday to make up for the Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday they will be off. Fair enough. The progress they made in two days is pretty phenomenal. Perhaps I'm just naive when it comes to the home building process and time frames but I'm pretty impressed. Our contractor says we will still be framed and roofed in by Christmas, even with the set back. We still have a sinking feeling that we won't be in for Valentine's Day like our first home we built 6 years ago but no matter, I reckon. 
  Here's the latest picture from "our spot": the driveway we won't be using. Trying to keep up the progress through pictures from the same spot each time. 

Floor box and some garage walls
  Now, if we could just get the next door landowners to sign permission to put a light pole on their property, we could get temporary power to our lot... *sigh* 

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