Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dreams do come true

  The end is rapidly approaching. We are so excited but can't believe this is it. This is our forever home! I have so much packing to do and so little motivation to do it. I know, I know-- I should be literally throwing crap into bags and boxes so they'd be ready to throw on the trailer and high-tail it to our new digs. Basically I can't pack because we are still packed from when we moved from Greenville TWO years ago! Everything that I need to pack is an every day item. Anyways, I've been slack on posting lately but here is the finished product. We are so happy and proud of this project. Our plan did a complete 180 from the beginning to end but we couldn't be happier that we chose Etheridge Custom Homes to build our forever/dream home. Willie, Margaret, and Tyler are top-notch. The work ethic, organization, and communication is unmatched. We prayed about this endeavor and prayed for the right contractor and we KNOW the good Lord put ECH in our path for a reason. We look forward to many years in our beautiful home and can't thank Etheridge Custom Homes enough for their beautiful work well done. Enjoy the pics!

"Showstopper" red door

I'm in love with my kitchen!

Master bath is beautiful

Master tub

Master shower

Kellen's bath

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Kellen's bath

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